Sydenham Lifestyle Centre

Little Turtles Swim School will be mainly based at Sydenham Lifestyle Centre from January 2020.

The pool has no chemicals – it is treated with medical ultra violet lights, so if your child has sensitive skin the pool will not affect them at all.

The temperature of the pool is kept between 34’C in summer and 36’C during winter , therefore we swim through winter.


There are change rooms and toilets in the swimming area. There is also a coffee shop where you can have coffee and relax while your little turtle swims.

Lessons are offered from Monday to Saturday.

Please contact Sam at for prices, as prices vary depending on number and/or type of lessons wanted



Little Turtles Swim school helps with the Primary School swimming program during the Physical Education Lessons and is coaching the swim team for the school.  

The pool is situated in a sunny spot with grand stands and changing rooms close by. The pool is an outdoor 16m pool.